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That didn’t take too long.

Well, I kept telling myself, “Sean, you need to make a second post” But, in all reality, look how long it took to motivate myself to write this post. Anyway, for a “random” blog, I guess it’s interesting that I’m supposed to be continuing on  point we left at. Anyway.  Inspiration. If you saw or read the last post for the Dog Tags “Insert knee slap here” then I apologize, but if you are here reading this apology then I guess I got your attention. Inspiration to me is a very peculiar instrument. It is not necessarily in the positive way that comes in that “AHA” moment. It, for me, is not some new revolutionary idea or concept. It comes in a more motivational format, or more rather, a reason to write or resurge my interest in telling the public my thoughts. Now of course there is Twitter, Facebook, and all other forms of social media, but WordPress is different. Nobody I know uses WordPress, therefor I’m not limited in my thoughts by the perceived judgement those in my regular life will pass for they will never view this. It is because of this, I can write about essentially anything I want in true honest format.

So now that you have read this far, you must truly be interested in knowing what inspires me. You must really want to know how it is I have gotten to this moment and all the circumstances that have lead to this post and all of the others. Well unfortunately, this is going to be a very long story and that means we are going to have a few episodes, so bear with me as over these next few weeks I tell you the tale of inspiration. This is not a set of reasons, and at times the story may dwindle and dilute to other things, but rest assured you will get your reward. This is not just inspiration, This is titled Inspiration: My Most Honest Moment.

It starts…with Middle School.

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