Some Good Reading!

There are some really awesome books out there! Here are some of my favorites! Wait….Where exactly do I start. This list will take some time but over a few days this list shall grow to an extraordinary size! How about I add 5 every time I post a blog? And i shal go to lets say….100! so stay tuned.( A series will be placed if the whole series was my favorite) This side note is for my friend Taylor….A *= book you would like.

1. The Inheritance Cycle(Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, ect) C Paolini

2.The Among the______ series. Margaret Peterson Haddix*

3.The Grey Griffins series. (The Revenge of the Shadow King, Rise of the Black wolf, ect) Derek Benz & J.S.Lewis *

4.The Roar: Emma Clayton. *

5. The Sea of Trolls series:Nancy Farmer*

List is getting bigger!

6.The Panem series as I call it!(Hunger games, Mockingjay, ect) by Suzanne Collins*

7.The Boy Who Dared!: by Susan Campbell Bartoletti*

8.Under a War Torn Sky: by Laura Malone Elliott*

9.A troubled Peace: by Laura Malone Elliott*

10.The Zombie survival Guide: by Max Brooks*


11. The Outsiders:S.E.Hinton*

12. The Girl Who Owned a City: O.T.Nelson*******

13: Cryptid Hunters: Roland Smith*

14: The Things They Carried: Tim O’Brien(No * for taylor)

15: Dunk: David Lubar

big list?

16:The Third Eye: Lois Duncan

17: The Eye of The Warlock: P.W.Catanese

18:To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street: Dr. Seuss(Favorite Kids Book)

19:  The Cay:Theodore Taylor

20: The LOTR SERIES!!!: J.R.R.Tolkein

5 more?

21:Flames of the Tiger: John Wilson

22:Heat: Mike Lupica

23:The Last Book in the Universe: Rodman Philbrick

24:The Last Olympian: Rick Riordan

25: Elijah of Buxton:  Christopher Paul Curtis

up to 30

26: World War Z

27:Harbinger of God: Brodowski

28:The Golden Fleece: and the Heroes Who Lived Before Achilles: By Padriac Colum

29:My Side of the Mountain: Jean Craighead George

30: City of Thieves : David Benioff


31: Les Miserable! Victor Hugo

32: The giver: Lois Lowry

33:The Devils Arithmetic:Jane Yolen

34:Dragon Rider: Cornelia Funke

35: Found: M.P.Haddix

  1. I’ll make a note of it. 🙂

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