This is the tale…..of one man…..against all odds………….using random to describe life. Sean is indeed an author of sorts. I mean look at him… He writes in the third person as he edits his about page! WHat kinda shenanigans is he pulling off with that witchcraft? what Kind of sorcery is this….to be continued…….NOW. In real time The author lives a fun and random life. He keeps things interesting! Sean has written several short stories which are not really big time mumbo jumbo, but he does indeed have a 243 page book going through the editing process. A book called, Why the wind cries. But enough of that, who wants to hear a joke? Ok then let me give you one……________insert joke here_____________! HAHAHAHAHAHA arnt you a funny character? well I hope you enjoy my blogs.


P.s. Posts on random feel like it days(at least twice a week)

P.s.s. Chocolate milk and frosted flakes makes for a good dinner fo champions!

P.s.s.s. The above post is true.

  1. “insert joke here”, that’s golden! Glad you enkoyed my blog. What is your other blog? I’ll follow that one too!

  2. Hi again! Do you have any interest in participating in this months Teens Can Write Too! blog chain? If so, the info is here

  3. Great! Please comment on the post, (link above in the other comment) saying you will. I just prefer you to tell me there rather than here. Also, for the search terms, I realize this blog is new so you can use funny search terms from your old blog. Thanks!

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