2015-11-13-09-30-15-449422890It’s funny. I came across this wordpress business and I saw something odd. This wordpress has been solely dedicated to ” my return”. Every year or so I rediscover wordpress and dedicate some post to returning, which has enough momentum to force me to write a secondary post only to end up abandoning the resurgence. In a way this is clearly a substantial artistic piece into the lifestyle of an inspired man with ADHD. That is however, the beauty of such a condition. The ability to continuously be re-inspired. Perhaps if I have enough will to compose a secondary before my mental departure, it will be the “what” that inspires me. However, no promises, for those are the opposition to the nature of this wordpress’existence. Random indeed.



About Sean Malota

I am simply Sean, and I do not think like a normal person. Nobody knows or can predict my moves or thoughts, yet rather they may only know it wont be structured or thought out. This in turn, is what makes life fun for me.(getting less structured as life goes by.)

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