Monthly Archives: January 2013

When people put songs in your head…

Well let’s just say a person of whom which I know put a certain song in my head and I believe it to be on purpose. Who the person is, doesn’t matter . As for the song ,  I shall spare you. For if I were to tell you the song, it would undoubtedly stick in your head and leave me at fault for the indefinite mental playback. On that note, have you seen that the Sun finally came out today. I mean, when I saw it I cried tears of joy and giggled myself into laughter. it was such a sight today . So, on that last note, I shall say dear sun, thank you very much. Feel free to stay a while!


Oh where art thou dear Sun?

It has been quite a time since I’ve seen my friend the Sun. It’s been days since I felt your warm lights in the cold mornings
at the bus stop. I’m just writing to  let you know that it is cold and very frigid. The constant presence of the clouds in the sky are shortly and devastatingly eating away at my heart. Please a Sun won’t you come out and push back the clouds and in such a long time let me see the blue sky? If there’s ever a time I’ve regretted the absence of your presence it would be now so indeed do come back! Please just for a day? I just have to get out of this house! I need to go play outside! I just need to build something, maybe even fix that paddle boat!  I mean  I’m getting really desperate here, so just come back for a while.

Sincerely Sean M Malota.