Hows this for a start of a book?

This is the first page of : It’s a little more classified than that. I have 129 pages so far but id give the first page as a gimmick. By the way. I know some people will say hey, maybe that is not a word or that sounds a little in lack of grammar. The truth is. The story is told in the perspective of a 16 year old. The character is me in every way but with a twist of things.

So let’s get something straight forward so your English teachers can avoid asking some pretty useless question. The protagonist (main character) happens to be myself. This story is in the first person and the main theme of this book is that secrecy is based on trust. I figured I would get that out of the way while I am still at the beginning.  Oh by the way, I am Sean, Nice to meet you. So for purposes of your interest I will just jump in and say, “It sounded like a good Idea at first”.

Now I can’t tell you exactly what happened straight from the beginning, for what is a sandwich without the bread. You know what, don’t answer that, there are more important things to discuss. Like the fact that it all started with HIM. My buddy Tyler. This is the story of how we first met, became friends and did something cool. Yes, it all leads to the classified thing I promised in the Title.

“10 bucks says you can’t do it” Those were the defining words of our friendship. A measly little bet that would lead to a friendship of great stature.  I stood there in the middle of the ravine, looking at the gap I faced. A fourteen foot gap that was filled by a stream. That’s right, I was going to jump it! For Ten bucks why not. There was a catch though. It was the middle of December, there was a layer of ice on said stream and if I slipped and fell id either end up drowning or dying of hypothermia. I am still alive which accounts for something. I took my step back. I felt the tension in my legs, and like the sudden burst of lightning in a rainy sky I was off.  The gap quickly closing I planned it out so my right foot would hit, push and send me flying towards my wager. Left! Right! PUSH! Wait, what the heck, no push? Where’s my foot and ice……..

Right on through my body tumbled. The ice didn’t even have the decency to resist. No it just swallowed me whole and cracked in laughter of my failed attempt. By this time My adrenaline kicks in and I break the surface and immediately go for land. Now here for the defining moment that will forever be our friends ship. Yes, it was on that cold December day that I would make a compact of extraordinary friendship with this soon to be ex-stranger. In that quick moment I made my choice and it happened.

It was a good thing I had a towel with me or I surely could not have formed this friend ship. After witnessing my fall to shame into the ice, my new friend Tyler goes ahead and does the last possible thing I would expect.  In one step and spin he grabs the towel and jumps into the water. Tyler holds the towel above his head as he wades through the ice to me. Shuddering and lurching against the confines of the cold hard hands that gripped him. To me he made it and then quickly as it had happened he turned around. As they say in every single survival show and first aid class, in order to survive one must? That is right, and If you do not know the answer Google it. Then when you get it you will be all like, ”Woah”! That moment in which I refuse to describe is the moment our relationship changed from strangers to best buddies. QUICK! Here’s a twist. Let me introduce a third, not so important character. Eric. Unfortunately as classified nature goes I can not reveal last names for it would be breaking the code of classifiedness. Eric is a brown headed kid. Picture green eyes with a widows peak and bushy curly hair. Eric is wearing sweat pants and an orange flyers jersey. Eric, Unfortunately is holding a video camera. Yes my friends on camera he had captured my fail and now YouTube would be there to show the world my failure.  As Tyler and I scurry on home to get dry at my house Eric is dying laughing and his laughter fills the air. In the video you can even hear his mom call out  “Oh My God are you ok?”. That question to me sounded dumb. Because the question I was asking myself was, Was I?

this is a third book that is not related to a series. I have not gotten any of the books published. That wont get done til around September if my friend’s, dad’s, publisher isn’t too busy publishing my friend’s dad’s book. I guess you gotta start somewhere with something. The first book I’m looking forward to publishing is the 153 page book : Nice Guys: A Story of Not Finishing Last.


About Sean Malota

I am simply Sean, and I do not think like a normal person. Nobody knows or can predict my moves or thoughts, yet rather they may only know it wont be structured or thought out. This in turn, is what makes life fun for me.(getting less structured as life goes by.)

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