Some people will be wondering(Change)

WHY did I get this Random update? Who is this guy from so long ago? Is that the guy who disappeared? Well, indeed I am. I can not call my self a habitual , chain, coordinated, or even a continuous blogger. The reason for such a thing is the fact that my blogging is based on my wanting to write or express myself in some coded post or blog. SO let us get it started in here.

So what was the reason for my writing this post? What calls for such a rare occasion such as this? Simply put there only person who I really understand will read this and she, being a good friend of mine can probably decipher said code and feel the message. If she doesn’t then well I guess your looking at 12 wasted seconds reading this sentence and realizing it has nothing to do with this guys topic. O.K. a lil more or less than 12 seconds but to me time wasted is time spent.

Let us delve in the art of change. Democrats want change, people want to change, Obama wants change,Heck, even poor people want change(in their wallets). But whether it is the wallets of the poor people receiving change or their lives in general, it is a common fact that humans CHANGE. Some people like change, some people do not. Then…there is me, sure I do not mind that jingly STUFF in my pockets or for the matter the actual event of changing. Unless of coarse, it depends on where, WHEN and why one is changing. Is it for good, is it for bad. Are you trying to get some one’s attention. Perhaps IT is for a fresh start like the one I have laid down on this Table of Blogness And yes, I know Blogness IS not a word. I’m guessing those capitalized letters are making out some sort of mixed up and BROKEN sentence. Do you know how difficult it is to try and write something interesting and make  this(OR) ….Do not mind the OR over there, I just ran out of crafty ways of fitting the right words in.

I do not own this Art but It is Quite Amazing

It’s quite FUN to mix people up like this but quite hard as well. What the big coded message is for the ones who didn’t catch on. DONT CHANGE UNLESS THE CHANGE IS FIXING SOMETHING OR THE CHANGE MAKES LIFE FUN! simple yet hard to read code right there I see. I’m a spy by the way…who knew…..or am I.

So as this short and quite random post comes to an end, think about it, are you a change kind of guy/doll? Does change fit your lifestyle? Are there things you would like to change. Maybe you would like to comment about it. Who knows, I am no one special, I just like to express myself creatively. GOODNIGHT AUDIENCE SLEEP TIGHT AND DON’T LET THE NICKELS BITE(CHANGE)


About Sean Malota

I am simply Sean, and I do not think like a normal person. Nobody knows or can predict my moves or thoughts, yet rather they may only know it wont be structured or thought out. This in turn, is what makes life fun for me.(getting less structured as life goes by.)

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