Quick Random Post

Played the random game with friends last night and got a boot tk signed….good enough! So I have been lacking in posts but that is because it is a build up to the TCWT blog chain…… Next thing, hmmmm………Pandas are cute, clouds are fluffy, what happened to old man Jenkins? How does one fare in this hot and cold environment ¬†without a dinosaur? That is the way to make lemon pie taste crazy-like. Good enough randm post Audience?

MMMMMMMMMM.......tempting but not yet in my posession!


About Sean Malota

I am simply Sean, and I do not think like a normal person. Nobody knows or can predict my moves or thoughts, yet rather they may only know it wont be structured or thought out. This in turn, is what makes life fun for me.(getting less structured as life goes by.)

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