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Music to the mind!

What is music to the mind? Can it be a controller? Can it moderate behavior and our moods? Does it control our natural emotions? Music is indeed capable of doing things like that. Music can affect behavior, because “Studies show that when music is heard, brain waves increase all over the brain, including the behavioral section”(Richardsonand A). It also works vice versa to where people choose their music based on behavior. How about the emotions? Moods based in the left part of our brain, which is most affected b y music, often change. Music also affects how you think and how your attitude towards people changes. How about motivation? Athletes use music to train, and it’s also a great way to get pumped. Music affects the way the brain works, like a controller.

Music can affect behavior. “Studies show that when Music is heard, Brain waves increase all over the brain, including the behavioral section” (Richardsonand A). For instance, Depressing music would create a sad mood. Good, encouraging and positive music would encourage a good mood. Depending on the type of music some people everyday lives change. Vice Versa based on how a person lives his/her life, their music likes might change. Teens are known to have different likes based on their friends, family, and community. So they both mix together perfectly.

This leads to music and emotions. “Moods, based in the left part of your brain, which is most affected by music, often change with music” (Weir and Nevins). Simply put, Listen to sad music, and go into the day with a sad attitude. Listen to fast, happy, and upbeat music, it gives you some energy to make the day a good happy one. This also can affect your attitude towards people throughout the day and how you think about things. If per say you listened to soft music, your brain relaxes and thinking is limited. Give it an upbeat tempo and your brain has some energy to think freely and work harder. This also in turn keeps you aware of your attitude. Not attitude for just people, but for what you want to do.

So lastly, music and motivation. Athletes use music to train. Music can be a distracting factor to keep you focused off of any physical pain, which helps athletes keep going. If you listen to music, this also increases brain waves which increase bodily function to its potential. It can also be a way to get pumped. Listen to some fast music with some energy and it will pump your body up to do better, which will increase performance. Getting warmed up and pumped brings on confidence which pushes you to succeed and win.

So what is music to the mind? It is that motivational control. The behavioral meter. The attitude adjuster. The mood regulator. Music to the mind is a force for good, a force to keep you going, a force that controls you. Music is you!


I am indeed still here:D

So there is this poem I’m Still Here by Langston Hughes.  So here it is:

been scared and battered.

My hopes the wind done scattered.

Snow has friz me,

Sun has baked me,

Looks like between ’em they done Tried to make me

Stop laughin’, stop lovin’, stop livin’–

But I don’t care,

I’m still here!

I heard a protester in Philly Recite this Poem. Unlike the effect of reading it, This man Was living it. The Poem had real meaning. He was there.         He had been scared and battered.

His hopes the wind done scattered

In October the Snow had friz him,

In the open the sun had baked him,

He looked like between em they done tried to make him

stopped laughin’, stopped lovin’, stopped livin’

but he DIDNT CARE!

because in the end, he was still there.

I wish I knew why. But this man, in my mind, put a face to this poem. He was a man of literal, many words. But he was still there, just as the poem had said. He just didnt care, because he was still there. I respect him whether he is there for a cause or just to be there reciting poems, because he was real!

So how do I put this?

What if you woke up feeling like a million dollars? Don’t you think no matter how bad a day could go, that million dollar feeling would stay? I have no relevant story to that question which is where I am going with this. STORY TIME!!!!!!!  Not a personal story either, i save those for facebook and my character. So it all started on a Monday. Let us find a name for the main character. How about Jake?  Jake lives a crazy choice filled life, and this is the story of his choices.

Jake is a 16 year old high school student that attends Who Cares Regional High School.He is an athletically built, 5 foot 10, tan skinned individual. It is a crisp autumn Thursday when he has done it! Jake has strategically gotten a girl to admit to liking him. Where does he plan to go from here. The whole week, all he wanted to know was if the girl liked him. Jake doesn’t even believe he even likes the girl back. The girl that likes him is named Cherry. A 5 foot flat, cute, green eyed blonde. Did I mention her eyes sparkle? Now here is where the whole story goes in a whirly direction. You see, even though Jake finds himself liking this blonde, He knows deep down, his friend Danielle is the one he wants. Shes a very funny, talented girl. 5’7″ is her height. She is also very smart might I add. She takes all the same classes Jake takes. They both enjoy almost the same things, and overall they make an AWESOME team. Danielle being an attractive smart brown haired girl with eyes that always seemingly grab Jake’s attention. The question though, Is, does Danielle Like Jake? Jake wishes he knew, but he wont ask, for the one fear all people have. Losing that one good friend due to awkwardness. What does Jake do? Does he grow a pair and Confess to Danielle? Does he take the easy road to Cherry?

So how do I put this? Jake has a crazy life. Jake represents the ideals of any teenage boy his age in the High school I go to. I know this because I have witnessed the same things OVER AND OVER AGAIN. These characters are based off of real people I know. I call this short story. The Crazy Whacky Love Life of a 16 year old. This story goes to the females too.

This story was courtesy of a project from my advanced Human behavior class project. I had to observe a common trend in teenagers my age.

Excuse me, May I ask where you got that? (TCWT)

Does this Need a Caption?

SO…..In this traditional start, let me put that photo there—>

and the description below  vvvv

Why hello there, you are probably either here for this month’s Teens Can Write Too post… or some other  indescribable reason. The Topic is “What are the wackiest, funniest, most disturbing search terms anyone has ever used to find your blog?”  My blog on this website is FAIRLY new, so I have decided to take the terms from my other blog which no longer publicly exists. That blog was the same as this one, and therefor, the search terms would have been the same. Ill not be going in order from least random to most random. It is a list of 10 mind you of whichever ones I found interesting. ENJOY!

1. “Some sorta Random morning show with a person named Sean”

– I think he meant “The Early randomness show with Sean,Him, and Himself in the morning” I did a Vlog of randomness, but I love the wording that this individual used. This is the only term that relates directly to my blog. It was every Monday at 6, right before I went to school. I hope He/She Enjoyed.

2. “A man and his Random self”

– I am a Man with my random self, But am I the man you were looking for? Look down, now look at me, look down, now back at me! I am the man your man could random like! But is he me? NO! but he could Random Like me if he stopped using normal search terms, and started searching with men’s scented terms. I wish my Search terms could be scented. 

3. “What is the easiest way to get home?”

– Do I wear Garmin on my nametag? Do I look square with a touch screen? The sad part………33 people searched this and got me.Was this meant for my first ever short story? “A School to Home Adventure”  It did not really talk about directions though. Unless they wanted the easiest, most imaginative way home, which was whatthe story was kinda about. Other than That I thank Google for getting me 33 views.


-For the LAST time, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  How did you get here?  I don’t understand! Why are you yelling? I know you can get angry at things BUT TYPING IN ALL CAPS IN ANGER AT GOOGLE WILL NOT HELP. You are only gonna make it mad and end up at some random guys blog. Just saying….

5.”Love the Way you Lie ft Rhianna”

-Well I love the way you got here ft Myself, and I am not lying. If this person expected a music video, they were in for a surprise. A rather….Random Encounter.

6.” I quit”

– If this is an actual term that got you here, then I quit too.

7.”Where are we going with this.”

-I have asked myself that question many times. Now i find myself asking Where were YOU planning to go with this search? Also, Don’t most questions end in a Question Mark?

8.”What Makes random SO important?”

-I have never addressed this topic. But this topic makes sense. I always talked about how random was awesome. I always knew random was important. To know that someone asked that and got to my site, Makes me think their question was answered. Even without a direct post about importance.

9.”How to make a Paper Helicopter”

-To all 12 people who searched this, I am sorry. You will not find that diagram or directions on this blog. I can’t even make a decent flying paper airplane. However, If you find out, be sure to tell me. I could really use that information.

10.This one is my favorite!!!! ” The Random Song.”

Not only did this person search this, and get to my site, but when he didn’t find the random song, this is what he commented. “Google brought me here when I was looking for the Random song, I did not find it. Maybe you should make one. After reading a few of your posts, I feel you are one of the few people who understands the true fun meaning. So I will be back in a week or so and hopefully it will be there”  A week later he searched for the same thing, and sitting there waiting was a post, the lyrics to the random song. His comment “I applaud you!”

SO this has been fun….for me at least! I hope you enjoyed it. I await your many thoughts and I can not wait for the rest of the blog chain.

A novel in which I am writing.

The Book is titled. What lies in wait. A book in which during a zombie apocalypse, a 16 year goes on a dangerous journey to get home. My favorite quote came from what I was feeling and I portrayed it into my character’s situation. Here it is. “Sleep is my like enemy, and letting it win means my death, unless I control it.” And that is it good day to you audience.

Here’s the batting order for everyone 😀

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Quick Random Post

Played the random game with friends last night and got a boot tk signed….good enough! So I have been lacking in posts but that is because it is a build up to the TCWT blog chain…… Next thing, hmmmm………Pandas are cute, clouds are fluffy, what happened to old man Jenkins? How does one fare in this hot and cold environment  without a dinosaur? That is the way to make lemon pie taste crazy-like. Good enough randm post Audience?

MMMMMMMMMM.......tempting but not yet in my posession!

Zombie Ninjas……..end of story

Let us start with the definition of a zombie: So let us get the right zombie down shall we? I am talking the virus infected kind that eat people, and not cute Halloween ones either. In my opinion, the deadliest zombies are the runner/hoard type. Yes, the ones that run in groups. As if the fact that they could run wasn’t enough, nooooooooooooooo no no no no , NOW, they have developed a sense of group formation. Let’s not be unrealistic though, they CAN NOT run inhuman speeds, they can only run as fast as their balance allows them. Under the circumstances they don’t trip and fall every five minutes, you are dealing with a group of hungry, murdering suckers who want nothing  more than to dig into your flesh, and they don’t tire so you better have a good escape plan. That is why they are the deadliest, because THEY WILL EVENTUALLY GET YOU!]

These kind!

So how about a NINJA?????Definition—–> Oh yeah. Deadly Individuals wouldn’t you agree? 100% deadly, 100% silent. The worlds deadliest killers. They are heartless assassins of Invisible Epicosity. Nothing could be more Lethal than a ninja, except for a pack of them. I say pack because they are like animals……who only have one instinct, to kill. The dark id their ally and stealth is their weapon…that and their array of actual weapons in which they have deadly proficiency in using. I think Ninjas in and of them self are a weapon. This is indeed a killer.


Now Combine them. Here is my Definition: An Human Creature that has been infected with a virus that has caused this state of Undeadness, and has now been tamed, and trained in the ways of the NINJA.  So let us look at what would make this being the DEADLIEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! So the Zombie was already fast, strong, relentless, and almost impossible to kill.  It knows the value of speed and teamwork. Now take this Creature, Mix in deadly stealth, proficiency in weapons, more speed, improved instinct to kill, and a pinch of salt. So not only is this thing gonna cut you to pieces and eat you, It will do it before you can even realize what’s happening. No hope, no chance, and no survival. This creature takes all your chances of being living for too long. This is doom in it’s pure form.

Goodnight , sleep tight, and dont let the zombie ninjas bite. 😉

There are no pictures for a zombie ninja. Let your imagination show you!

Hey I found a good pic. Kind of a concept art.

Zombie Ninja