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With that 1 being intentional, I would just like to say with this one quick topic sticking that the days for my Posts shall be Wednesday and Sunday!!1

So the WALL…….we have all known it, all seen it and all written about it. So what is the wall? First, let us give it a “Scientific Name” WRITERS BLOCK! My personal name for it, is ” That Hugely Unconditional Blocker of Imagination That OH SO Flaunts Its Self In THE Most Inconveniant of Times Wall”  Long name eh? Well then let us just stick to calling it the “Pain In Every Writers Mind Wall”. The sad part about it is that there’s no science to it. The only some what accurate prediction of its time of appearance is listed as, Inconvenient!  I like that word, but back on topic. Is there a cure for this? Are there any tips?  Probably not. Ill just chew gum and be on with my life.

Inconvenience: My Imagination....on the shelf above!

So, there is indeed a new Dunkin Donuts shop in town! The problem is, My friends and I do not know how to approach this. here is the problem and equation that might lead to a decision.

Dunkin Donuts>CVS….but, CVS is closer…….Dunkin Donuts = Cheap where as CVS = on our way home. Dunking Donuts = Amazing where as We are loyal to CVS.  but here is the key factor, Is going to Dunkin Donuts WORTH our Loyalty, energy, time, and dignity? I guess we will see how temptation decides tomorrow hehehe :D! The answer is, temptation solves all! If only Temptation solved writers block eh? I am thinking I might see how tomorrow turns out to see what happens next in my book. Who knows. I am writing a song too, so I don’t know what will happen.


Goodnight audience, Read well, and enjoy the night!


I Thought I knew.(Questionable Fridays!)

“I thought I knew”…. I thought I KNEW! What did I think I knew? I have no Idea, It is a phrase I heard tonight and made me realize. How much does someone really now? Do you know the answer to the question? Do you Honestly Know what you are reading about? Iv’e also heard a phrase “Knowledge is Key” Knowledge is just a key chain, It is the ability to decipher what you know, that finds the key and opens the lock. What is the lock that the “Knowledge Key” opens? The question here I supposes leads me to ask this question…… Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar audience? Since my favorite Monster was killed and replace by a veggie monster I know it isn’t that blue furred friend of Mine. Was it you audience? did you put your hand of fate into my cookie jar that led to the consequence that is my cookielessness? My real question is, why?  What motive led to you, to reach your paw, into my fate, and leave me to wonder, does it take one to know one?



Completely Acceptable!

Disappearing blog posts?

So as you know….yesterday was a “post day” for me. As you can see, THERE IS NO POST FOR TUESDAY! Like a leaf in the Fall Wind, It was gone. I have no Idea where it went, but I hope It did not get stuck under some troll bridge. (My posts were never good at riddles!) Maybe it decided it was a

How awesome, I might see my blog post!

big blog now, and wanted to stray away from its nice warm place on my blog page. Who knows? It makes me think I should call Scooby Doo and the gang. I don’t see the Mystery Machine outside so I guess my case was forgotten about. This leaves me to my next point. Denial….It is indeed just a river in Egypt, so whoever said it was not, obviously is in denial of the truth.

So where does this leave us? How about my secret that vanished along with yesterdays post! My post didn’t circle on that secret as much as the rather jumbled sentences of first thoughts that I decided to write. So as I see the White Mountain flow, think that the secret is there’s someone new audience, Someone new in my life. I couldn’t bear it to confess it like this but it had to be done. I’ve been blogging to another set of ears and I just hope it works out between me and you. Honestly the thing Ill miss most is the random Donuts. Oh wait…….you still want me to stay? GOOD! I’m here for good. Now that that Im done my bag of candy and can think of no other way to distract you or procrastinate this. Ill just go out and say My mind is all mixed up as of late. A lot of stuff happens in such a little time that Google no longer liked me searching for answers.and crashed(Literally, It was a horrble accident on 541) I guess that is All I am saying for the night.

Wait!!!!!……… I just realized…..Hello there!
Wait!!!!!………..I…just…realized….I forgot to ask you.
Has anyone ever tripped on toy lawnmower before? I have and it is painful, but it is a lot better than tripping on a real lawnmower! Goodnight ya’ll and let the sky set you free!

Danger to feet since.....Who knows when?!

The Really Big Nail!

that kinda nail is 150$

Ok, so, the “Nail” is only Normal sized, nothing special. The effect of that one nail MIGHT be traced back to an action and MAY lead to what might be my consequence! A possible 150$ one at that. What costs 150$ and has to do with a nail? How about a brand new tire?  YUP! A 150$ nail…..Hows about that?  Its Painful in my mind as to how I take this situation. Here I am, 16 year old me, and I have for the first time come to face a major issue in my life! Do I admit guilt and 150$? Or do I argue? Lets face it, the road this happened on, is a dirty one. FULL OF NAILS! I guess fate may be a cruel thing if it is even my nails fault!

So here’s the “Trace” So it is a cool Saturday night, The wind is stirring and at my friends house I see an old, wooden, dusty stool at their neighbors trash. As you know in my Typical “teenage” Mind, I decided to look at this stool! I pick it up stand on it, And figure it is sturdy stool! My luck!  I have just found myself a sturdy usable step stool for painting my room! Then…….it collapses with me on IT! Now my emotions have kicked in….This stool I was so excited to have, had just broken with me on it! So in frustration, I kick it across the street and it shatters. I then move to clean it up, and place its contents back in the original trash pile…… so now I’m out of this stool I had just met!

So here is where it leads! So I get a phone call from my friend…..Guess what happened? This is where the story comes together. A nail and a tire meet! Ok, we could call it ironic that I broke this stool and then a tire meets a nail. Can it be exactly my fault? It is indeed a possibility. My friend’s neighbor is furious and automatically goes to their door fuming with anger and accuses them! (He saw the stool) Guess whos name pops up…..mine. So tomorrow I must go to their Neighbor’s house and talk with him. This is my choice… Do I accept the coincidence and claim the fault? Do I argue the fact that there are indeed many different sized nails on that road and there no way he can just claim it was mine! I guess as a 16 year old It is a hard choice. I have no money to pay for it. So I guess I’d have to work it off. A part of me says, Wait on a second, How does he know its your nail? The truth is….we would need a nail analyst and then all hell would break loose! So now I sit here debating what will be my fate. My mind says not to worry, but another part of my mind says to. Life is a difficult one for a 16 year old.

Im the guy

I am signing off saying. Hello world..and WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! Stay tuned for this tuesdays post! I might have a secret to tell about myself!



Now today is the day.(october 24th) the day where I see the truth of a possible consequence. Wish me Luck!

Real Friends!( Questionable Fridays :D)

True friendship in my mind!

Tis right my friends! But who are my friends? Why everyone of coarse, for my random attracts many people to enjoy my company. “I am willing to be friends with anyone who is wanting to know who I am.” (My belief). What makes a true friend? Is it that guy or girl you’ve known since kindergarten? Is it the person who shares their pie with you at lunch everyday? Maybe it is that person who sniffs your shoe and still remains your friend! Haha! Let me know what you think a true friend is! I would like to know. I would like to see where my friends fall on your true friends format….it will be Interesting. Leave a nice big comment as to what you think and dont be shy! Tell your friends to post and read it! Let them see where they stand on your definiton of true friend. AS ALWAYS……

Let the sun shine and the rain bow, because the clouds wont cry this beautiful weekend. TGIF

A Little Late Night thought!

As I sit here thinking thoughts, I thought, I had thought, I realize the real thought I’m thinking is that this bed of thoughts is revolving around one thing! My indecision to pick a topic for my next post! That’s when the idea came to me….. I’m thinking too much about thoughts, and what I should really be doing… just writing down my random indecision! I could pick a random topic out of a hat but I’m lacking both Hat and Papers with random Topics. I pressed my easy button and nothing happened so here I am writing to you about my thinking thoughts. This is confusing isn’t it? Now by habit I would have backspaced that last section in thinking it was dumb, but my mind said disregard thinking and just write about it.

So as I write this paragraph I still decide what I am going to do about that paragraph above…if it is even still there! I mean, come on, by the time you get here you should know my decision. There it is!!! My decision…is not to decide. Contradicting isn’t it? Well that’s life as a box of chocolates I ‘Spose’. Speaking of which has anyone ever gotten a box of chocolate without some sort of “Key” as to what is what? That just means I’m going in blind and praying for a good piece! Ok back on topic…or not lets continue shall we? Does anyone feel their thoughts are being thought to much? Is it just me? It can not be insanity, because my definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results!  SO i now have realized at the end of this blogular Journey that Being Random saves you from my kind of insanity, because random is doing different things and expecting who knows what.

And yet I still think, should I post this? I guess if you’re reading this….I did :-)8

Happy Trails Audience! Here’s to the night of dreaming and adventuring on our adventure of imagination. Stay frosty!

My only non random act(s)(kinda)!!! THE Theory(s) of Random

no questions asked

Lets just get this straight shall we? This is OBVIOUSLY my first post, but i’m not gonna go off into that, “Lets talk about how i feel about this” start. Honestly if i started this blog that way id be lying to you about myself, and then this blog wouldn’t exactly make sense now would it? My whole blog would be a lie and then some theory with the space time continuum collapses and the earth drowns leaving us to think…..”If only he stuck to the topic”. But this is what leads us to our first rule or “Theory” of random! LOOPS!!!

You see if I stuck to the topic at hand, would it be random? NO! exactly why random is an art form. It takes skill, yet if it was practiced and perfected would it be random? No… this is because LOOPS are a KILLER….why do you think they appear on a noose?  The truth is that loops don’t exist in random. If you are truly random and all your random actions come from the heart, then therefore you have not thought about being random and any contradictory “loops” don’t exist. WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! Who wants to see my only non random act(s)?  Here it is in front of you! These three theories of random! This is the only time I stick to the topic.

Theory 2….Thinking! If you think about a random thought…is it random? Not exactly. Random! <–definition?  A loophole exists in this theory too! If the thought is unplanned and an idea just pops in your mind, and presents itself in the form of words immediately thereafter, then bam! The exception to this theory is random thought. Just say what comes to mind!

Theory 3. Fun. Random is fun. Use it to:

  1. Make friends
  2. Have a little fun.
  3. Mix things up.
  4. Keep a conversation interesting
  5. Keep people guessing.
  6. To grab interest! Here is a good example of my friend Taylor.

Sure the whole article is not random but notice how she uses some random parts and phrases. This article was my inspiration! It grabbed my attention and amazed me such to where I enjoyed the Random tidbits here and there. So remember, Loops kill, Thoughts cant be thought, and RANDOM IS FUN!!! ;’)

So as always I just wanna say LET YOUR colors SHINE!!  Rocks of awesomesauce ahoy on the toast!