That didn’t take too long.

Well, I kept telling myself, “Sean, you need to make a second post” But, in all reality, look how long it took to motivate myself to write this post. Anyway, for a “random” blog, I guess it’s interesting that I’m supposed to be continuing on  point we left at. Anyway.  Inspiration. If you saw or read the last post for the Dog Tags “Insert knee slap here” then I apologize, but if you are here reading this apology then I guess I got your attention. Inspiration to me is a very peculiar instrument. It is not necessarily in the positive way that comes in that “AHA” moment. It, for me, is not some new revolutionary idea or concept. It comes in a more motivational format, or more rather, a reason to write or resurge my interest in telling the public my thoughts. Now of course there is Twitter, Facebook, and all other forms of social media, but WordPress is different. Nobody I know uses WordPress, therefor I’m not limited in my thoughts by the perceived judgement those in my regular life will pass for they will never view this. It is because of this, I can write about essentially anything I want in true honest format.

So now that you have read this far, you must truly be interested in knowing what inspires me. You must really want to know how it is I have gotten to this moment and all the circumstances that have lead to this post and all of the others. Well unfortunately, this is going to be a very long story and that means we are going to have a few episodes, so bear with me as over these next few weeks I tell you the tale of inspiration. This is not a set of reasons, and at times the story may dwindle and dilute to other things, but rest assured you will get your reward. This is not just inspiration, This is titled Inspiration: My Most Honest Moment.

It starts…with Middle School.

bike bro

Childhood necessity




2015-11-13-09-30-15-449422890It’s funny. I came across this wordpress business and I saw something odd. This wordpress has been solely dedicated to ” my return”. Every year or so I rediscover wordpress and dedicate some post to returning, which has enough momentum to force me to write a secondary post only to end up abandoning the resurgence. In a way this is clearly a substantial artistic piece into the lifestyle of an inspired man with ADHD. That is however, the beauty of such a condition. The ability to continuously be re-inspired. Perhaps if I have enough will to compose a secondary before my mental departure, it will be the “what” that inspires me. However, no promises, for those are the opposition to the nature of this wordpress’existence. Random indeed.


When people put songs in your head…

Well let’s just say a person of whom which I know put a certain song in my head and I believe it to be on purpose. Who the person is, doesn’t matter . As for the song ,  I shall spare you. For if I were to tell you the song, it would undoubtedly stick in your head and leave me at fault for the indefinite mental playback. On that note, have you seen that the Sun finally came out today. I mean, when I saw it I cried tears of joy and giggled myself into laughter. it was such a sight today . So, on that last note, I shall say dear sun, thank you very much. Feel free to stay a while!

Oh where art thou dear Sun?

It has been quite a time since I’ve seen my friend the Sun. It’s been days since I felt your warm lights in the cold mornings
at the bus stop. I’m just writing to  let you know that it is cold and very frigid. The constant presence of the clouds in the sky are shortly and devastatingly eating away at my heart. Please a Sun won’t you come out and push back the clouds and in such a long time let me see the blue sky? If there’s ever a time I’ve regretted the absence of your presence it would be now so indeed do come back! Please just for a day? I just have to get out of this house! I need to go play outside! I just need to build something, maybe even fix that paddle boat!  I mean  I’m getting really desperate here, so just come back for a while.

Sincerely Sean M Malota.

Some Good Music.

I’m gonna leave a link to this video I found on you tube. I  heard this for the first time by a guy in my chorus at my High School. No it is not choral in anyway. It has a classical kinda sound with heart. You feel the emotion in his voice which is why I dare say I am surprised no ones picked him up. Song is about heart and boy does he have it. He sounds really good and the song is catchy. Here it is I challenge you all to take a gander at it. The song tells a good story about this lover who is trying to let his significant other know she isn’t alone and that he wants to spend his life with her and live life as an adventure. Random leads to adventure so this song makes it to my blog now because it tells such a story of adventure. How repetitive I can be but such is the way with a song that leaves you voiceless. The voice of love on the wind. By Bobby LoRusso

Hows this for a start of a book?

This is the first page of : It’s a little more classified than that. I have 129 pages so far but id give the first page as a gimmick. By the way. I know some people will say hey, maybe that is not a word or that sounds a little in lack of grammar. The truth is. The story is told in the perspective of a 16 year old. The character is me in every way but with a twist of things.

So let’s get something straight forward so your English teachers can avoid asking some pretty useless question. The protagonist (main character) happens to be myself. This story is in the first person and the main theme of this book is that secrecy is based on trust. I figured I would get that out of the way while I am still at the beginning.  Oh by the way, I am Sean, Nice to meet you. So for purposes of your interest I will just jump in and say, “It sounded like a good Idea at first”.

Now I can’t tell you exactly what happened straight from the beginning, for what is a sandwich without the bread. You know what, don’t answer that, there are more important things to discuss. Like the fact that it all started with HIM. My buddy Tyler. This is the story of how we first met, became friends and did something cool. Yes, it all leads to the classified thing I promised in the Title.

“10 bucks says you can’t do it” Those were the defining words of our friendship. A measly little bet that would lead to a friendship of great stature.  I stood there in the middle of the ravine, looking at the gap I faced. A fourteen foot gap that was filled by a stream. That’s right, I was going to jump it! For Ten bucks why not. There was a catch though. It was the middle of December, there was a layer of ice on said stream and if I slipped and fell id either end up drowning or dying of hypothermia. I am still alive which accounts for something. I took my step back. I felt the tension in my legs, and like the sudden burst of lightning in a rainy sky I was off.  The gap quickly closing I planned it out so my right foot would hit, push and send me flying towards my wager. Left! Right! PUSH! Wait, what the heck, no push? Where’s my foot and ice……..

Right on through my body tumbled. The ice didn’t even have the decency to resist. No it just swallowed me whole and cracked in laughter of my failed attempt. By this time My adrenaline kicks in and I break the surface and immediately go for land. Now here for the defining moment that will forever be our friends ship. Yes, it was on that cold December day that I would make a compact of extraordinary friendship with this soon to be ex-stranger. In that quick moment I made my choice and it happened.

It was a good thing I had a towel with me or I surely could not have formed this friend ship. After witnessing my fall to shame into the ice, my new friend Tyler goes ahead and does the last possible thing I would expect.  In one step and spin he grabs the towel and jumps into the water. Tyler holds the towel above his head as he wades through the ice to me. Shuddering and lurching against the confines of the cold hard hands that gripped him. To me he made it and then quickly as it had happened he turned around. As they say in every single survival show and first aid class, in order to survive one must? That is right, and If you do not know the answer Google it. Then when you get it you will be all like, ”Woah”! That moment in which I refuse to describe is the moment our relationship changed from strangers to best buddies. QUICK! Here’s a twist. Let me introduce a third, not so important character. Eric. Unfortunately as classified nature goes I can not reveal last names for it would be breaking the code of classifiedness. Eric is a brown headed kid. Picture green eyes with a widows peak and bushy curly hair. Eric is wearing sweat pants and an orange flyers jersey. Eric, Unfortunately is holding a video camera. Yes my friends on camera he had captured my fail and now YouTube would be there to show the world my failure.  As Tyler and I scurry on home to get dry at my house Eric is dying laughing and his laughter fills the air. In the video you can even hear his mom call out  “Oh My God are you ok?”. That question to me sounded dumb. Because the question I was asking myself was, Was I?

this is a third book that is not related to a series. I have not gotten any of the books published. That wont get done til around September if my friend’s, dad’s, publisher isn’t too busy publishing my friend’s dad’s book. I guess you gotta start somewhere with something. The first book I’m looking forward to publishing is the 153 page book : Nice Guys: A Story of Not Finishing Last.

By the way, I got this New app On my IPHONE

SO on the go I guess now there is an app for me. I do A LOTof stuff and it is good to know I can get in my old free time habits of blogging. Who wants to see the tree-house I’ve been building. Anyone want to see some photos and here some funny stories about it?

Some people will be wondering(Change)

WHY did I get this Random update? Who is this guy from so long ago? Is that the guy who disappeared? Well, indeed I am. I can not call my self a habitual , chain, coordinated, or even a continuous blogger. The reason for such a thing is the fact that my blogging is based on my wanting to write or express myself in some coded post or blog. SO let us get it started in here.

So what was the reason for my writing this post? What calls for such a rare occasion such as this? Simply put there only person who I really understand will read this and she, being a good friend of mine can probably decipher said code and feel the message. If she doesn’t then well I guess your looking at 12 wasted seconds reading this sentence and realizing it has nothing to do with this guys topic. O.K. a lil more or less than 12 seconds but to me time wasted is time spent.

Let us delve in the art of change. Democrats want change, people want to change, Obama wants change,Heck, even poor people want change(in their wallets). But whether it is the wallets of the poor people receiving change or their lives in general, it is a common fact that humans CHANGE. Some people like change, some people do not. Then…there is me, sure I do not mind that jingly STUFF in my pockets or for the matter the actual event of changing. Unless of coarse, it depends on where, WHEN and why one is changing. Is it for good, is it for bad. Are you trying to get some one’s attention. Perhaps IT is for a fresh start like the one I have laid down on this Table of Blogness And yes, I know Blogness IS not a word. I’m guessing those capitalized letters are making out some sort of mixed up and BROKEN sentence. Do you know how difficult it is to try and write something interesting and make  this(OR) ….Do not mind the OR over there, I just ran out of crafty ways of fitting the right words in.

I do not own this Art but It is Quite Amazing

It’s quite FUN to mix people up like this but quite hard as well. What the big coded message is for the ones who didn’t catch on. DONT CHANGE UNLESS THE CHANGE IS FIXING SOMETHING OR THE CHANGE MAKES LIFE FUN! simple yet hard to read code right there I see. I’m a spy by the way…who knew…..or am I.

So as this short and quite random post comes to an end, think about it, are you a change kind of guy/doll? Does change fit your lifestyle? Are there things you would like to change. Maybe you would like to comment about it. Who knows, I am no one special, I just like to express myself creatively. GOODNIGHT AUDIENCE SLEEP TIGHT AND DON’T LET THE NICKELS BITE(CHANGE)

I am back….again….for realsies.

Ok so I am gonna come out and admit that I was going to lie to you audience. Tell you this big Excuse that could get me out of this trouble that I am in. I have not provided you with a post in ages!!! So here is the excuse I was going to use. I was on a road trip and Have not seen a computer in weeks. Where have I really been? Stuck behind a wall of writing frustration! I mean really, This writer’s block decided to come on the last page of my book. Now this being the only book in it’s series….of one……… HAS TO GO OUT WITH A BANG! My mind however could not think of such a bang to end the book with. UNTIL NOW! It hit me in chemistry class. This brings me back to you. I wrote the page and even my  blogger’s writer’s block is gone! It is like a man being released from jail, who knew he was innocent for all that time. I was just an innocent me, til writers block came and crushed my imagination into a billion, microscopic pieces I was never going to get back. It locked me in it’s invincible bonds of blah. It’s effect was so mind numbing, the worst pain to ever feel in the mind. Then Mrs.Gangle said one phrase to break those bonds!

We were talking about why Disney Stories suck( We got off topic) She exclaimed” Every Disney story has the same predictable, Character plots, story lines, and endings! For any movie to actually work and be fulfilling, ONE MUST DO THE THIRD LEAST EXPECTED THING! (because the least expected thing and most expected thing are so predictable)”


Thank you Mrs. Gangle!  Who woulda thought, my Chem teacher was a writing GENIUS?

So now that I am at the end of my block and at the end of this post, I bid you a farewell and goodnight audience. I will see you soon, and no more dillydallying from me!

And back I am to post new things!

I’m back!!!! From where you ask? I say I’ve been nowhere in Particular, I just had a lot to do with school, and drill. I then realized however, I must always be sure to keep you guys updated for my ……4 followers….Yeah nothing special, not to elevated in “Blog Society” yet. For those who do enjoy my blog, I’m glad you do.  SO I also would like to hope you understand and forgive me audience…of 4……..for my absence. Now let us continue onto the ramblings of my imagination as I sit here thinking about how I’m gonna type the last few sentences that are now being typed. Now that I am done with that, I hope everyone had an AWESOME THANKSGIVING. For those of you who do not celebrate it or can not, I am sorry you could not enjoy the food, but I bet You enjoyed the time spent with your family.

On a side note, I have an amazing story of revenge to tell. I have waited for this revenge all my life, and I have also duly warned all individuals affected by this revenge, that it was indeed coming. I’ve warned them for years of their punishment, And I finally Delivered it to them. Ever Since My mom retired from the Air Force, and we came back from our worldly adventures, I met my cousins and other family. Now Mind you, I am the youngest out of all my cousins and brothers and sisters. SO what do older siblings and family members do? They pick on you! For years that torment has happened, And after each event of torment, I warned “I will be bigger someday, And I will make you all eat dirt”

This brings us to Thanksgiving day, and low and behold I am indeed bigger. My cousins make the worst mistake of their life, My cousin Matt decides during football to bear hug me and then he stole the ball and teased me…….MISTAKE!!!!!! Boy I enjoyed seeing all the oxygen leaving his body when He got it. SQUARE IN THE BODY!!! Right in the good spot. I tackled him hard, I mean, it was football, and he who has the ball gets tackled. SO then a play fight ensues. Little does he know, I am STRONGER THAN HIM, and after a short struggle, his face is in the dirt and Im on top. He is pinned down by his younger cousin ME. Guess what he needed to do in order to show surrender?  Do you guys remember the “I will be bigger someday, And I will make you all eat dirt”? I sure remember, so he was obligated, in order to escape, to eat dirt. Yes literal dirt. Then my next cousin Josh goes to say, “HAHAHAH MATT SEAN JUST WHOOPED YA” and Matt replies” You wrestle him and find out what he can do. 3 minutes later Josh is on the ground, yadayadayada and dirt!!!!!.

That's the GOOD STUFF

Theres this saying, ” You can kick a puppy when its little and harmless, but you better run for cover when the pup grows up.”

Neither Jason nor Alex challenged me, they saw from their Ally’s defeat, that I was a lot more than I looked….No longer a pup, so they ran for cover. B

By 4 person audience, AND THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ THIS!!!!!!!!! GOODNIGHT and have a merry christmas.